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F O T O B O E K 'Vergane glorie in België en Nederland'

Helaas zijn alle boeken uitverkocht. 

Prachtig fotoboek met 144 pagina's Urban Exploring uit België en Nederland. Het 3e boek van Wigo Worsseling. Deze keer samen met fotograaf Julius de Groot.



Chernobyl: Poetic Decay (Postponed until the end of 2023)

Unfortunately we had to decide to reschedule the exhibition in London because of the Corona Virus.
A new date for the opening is not yet known but it is expected to take place at the end of 2023.

At the invitation of the Dutch embassy in London, we are proud to announce the exhibition

Chernobyl: Poetic Decay

You are all welcome on the opening night at the Dutch Centre in London.

In 2019 Wigo and Anita travelled to Chernobyl to shoot a series of fascinating pictures of the disaster area, creating an homage to the ghost town Pripjat close to the Ukrainian city Chernobyl.
You can visit the exhibition in September.
Check the website of Dutch Centre for opening hours.

Dutch Centre
7 Austin Friars
London EC2N 2HA
United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7588 1684

Two publications in National Geographic ! Proud that National Geographic has published my pictures in an article about ‘The beauty of decay’ in the magazine. 14 pages with pictures and stories. Edition Netherlands / Belgium.


Thanks to Pancras Dijk for the beautiful story he wrote.

And for the second time, National Geographic published an interview and photos on their website. This time a beautiful story about my latest book ‘Vergane glorie in België en Nederland’.

Who am I?

Photographer Wigo Worsseling (1967) is an Urban Explorer and is always hunting for faded glory; an old premises of which the exterior screams to be explored and photographed inside. Is it abandoned? Can I get in? Is it safe and without any security on guard? An entrance is found, nothing indicates the presence of people. Walls are peeled, ceilings have collapsed, glass is on the floor and the stale smell of decaying wood enters your nose. Daylight tries to seep in and creates a spectacle of shadows. You wonder what it once has looked like. The camera is set up, the hunt is on!

Already during the study at the Dutch ‘Fotovakschool’ (University of Applied Photography) Wigo visited abandoned buildings and was dragged into the mysterious world of the beauty of decay.

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Currently I accept galleries for cooperation. Contact: info(@)worsseling.nl (without brackets)

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